Power of central government to appoint company prospectors

However anything involved in the code of criminal method 1973. Normally, the government may appoint or any specified class of cases in local place, as company officials for manage legal actions occurring out of this act. The persons so appointed as company officials appointed under the section 24. Under the …


Provisions as to experts consent to allotment

No person shall provide, distribute or circulate in Coimbatore any chances offering for present in securities of a company registered or to be incorporated outside India, whether the company has or has not been started or when formed will or will not start, a place of business in Coimbatore : …


Company registration outside India

For the reason of foregoing conditions of this section: The statement “certified” process certified in the recommend manner to be a correct translation or a true copy. Certification A copy of any statutes, authority, MOA or other instrument creating or mentioning the constitution of a foreign company shall be properly …


Management and administration under company registration

Where it performs to the board, whether on a source made to it by the government in association with any inspection under section 247, or on an objection made by any person in this behalf which there is a quality aims to find out the suitable facts about any shares. …