one person company registration in coimbatore
One person company registration

The One Person Company (OPC), which can incorporate a company with a single part. It has every one of the securities and commitments accessible to a privately owned business, the quantity of investors needed to combine a company. When the company has accomplish a specific turnover level, OPC ought to be transform into a private limited company. The advertiser might decide to change the company intentionally after the company has been in activity for a specific timeframe. The company chief should have a chief recognizable proof number and the endorser should take a computerized signature for OPC enrollment. The method involved with combining is online and will require 10-15 working days from the date you present your total archives to us and will be dependent upon the accessibility of the proposed name. What is your careful need? Here we examine about Incorporate a One Person Company registration in Coimbatore in this article.

one person company registration in coimbatore
one person company registration in coimbatore

Terms and Constraints of the OPC

An individual may not be qualified to join more than one company or become a chosen one in more than one such company.

The Minor One Person can’t turn into a part or candidate in the Company or hold a stake with a useful interest.

OPC can’t be incorporate into a company under Area 8 of the Demonstration.

One person Company doesn’t lead non-banking monetary venture exercises, remembering contributing for the protections of anyone corporate.

OPC can’t willfully change over to a company until the expiry of a long time from the date of fuse of one person company in Coimbatore, surpassing as far as possible (settled up share capital) of Rs.50 lakhs or the comparing normal turnover of Rs. 2 crore, for example in case the company’s settled up capital surpasses Rs. 50 lakhs or the normal yearly turnover surpasses Rs.

one person company registration in coimbatore
one person company registration in coimbatore

Steps to incorporate One Person Company (OPC)

Get an Advanced Signature Certificate [DSC] of the Chief (s).

Get the Chief ID Number [DIN] for the proposed Chief (s).

Select the proper company name and apply to the Ministry of Corporate Office for name accessibility.

Draft Notice of Affiliation and Articles of Affiliation

Sign and record different archives electronically with the Enlistment center of Organizations, including MOA and AOA.

Instalment of charges and stamp obligation needed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Assessment of records at the Enlistment center of Organizations [ROC].

Receipt of Enlistment/Joining Certificate from ROC.

Advantages of one Person Company

opc registration in coimbatore
opc registration in coimbatore
  1. Single investor:

Just Indian resident and regular person living in India is qualified to go along with One Person Company in Coimbatore. Portrayal: The expression “Home in India” signifies a person who has been in India for under 182 days promptly in a schedule year.

  1. Candidate for investor:

In the event of death/insufficiency of the first investor the investor needs to select someone else. Such candidate should give his/her agree and agree to be select by the sole investor. Just an Indian resident and a characteristic person dwelling in India ought to be the chosen one for the sole individual from the One Person Company.

  1. Chief:

There should be something like one chief, the sole investor might be the sole chief. The company might have a limit of 15 chiefs.


In the event that an individual is limited by company offers or ensures, goes into an agreement with the sole individual from the company who is the overseer of the company, if the company isn’t recorded as a hard copy, the provisions of the agreement or deal should be affirmed in a notice or recorded not long after the main gathering of the governing body of the company held subsequent to going into the agreement. This doesn’t make a difference to contracts went into by the company in the overall course of its business. The one person Company will inform the Recorder of each agreement went into by the Company and will record inside fifteen days the endorsement of the Top managerial staff not long after the gathering of its directors.


One person helps the company’s capital/turnover without surpassing as far as possible

At the point when the settled up share capital of a one-person company surpasses Rs. 50 lakhs and its yearly turnover surpasses Rs. 2 crores during the pertinent period, it stops to be qualified to proceed as a one-person company.

A singular association to transform itself past as far as possible

In the event that the settled up capital/turnover surpasses as far as possible, it is needed to change itself, inside a half year from the date of raising it’s settled up share capital above Rs.50 lakhs or on the last day.

On the off chance that its normal yearly turnover surpasses two crore rupees during the important period, a privately owned business with somewhere around two individuals and two chiefs or a public company with something like seven individuals and three chiefs is needed by area 18 of the Demonstration.

Update and change of articles

The One Person Company in Coimbatore should change its reminder and articles by taking on a goal to impact the transformation and to roll out the important improvements arbitrary.


Inside sixty days from the date on which the One Person Company applies, notice should be given to the Enlistment center on Form No.INC.5 expressing that it has stopped to be a One Person Company and presently needs to change itself. A privately owned business or public company because of the offer capital or normal yearly turnover paid in abundance of as far as possible.

Punishment for default

On the off chance that any official of One Person Company or One Person Company abuses the arrangements of these Guidelines, any official of One Person Company or One Person Company will be obligate to a fine not surpassing 10,000 rupees and another fine. For 1,000 rupees consistently after the primary such infringement proceeds.


The primary justification behind picking One Person Company in Coimbatore (OPC) enlistment is that the provider has a business thought that should be addressed in a corporate format and the thought is that a single person will have limited assets available to them. An OPC company can have more than one chief, yet the investor ought not to be multiple and ought not to permit any person to incorporate more than one person organizations.

By converting with OPC, the Company will get benefits at Banking Point through private limited organizations, while one-person organizations will get banking advances, credit qualification and limited obligation company benefits.

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