criteria to create a company formation in Coimbatore

company formation in coimbatore , to know about the formation and principles of company formation, take look into the blog… company registration services which includes Private limited company registration, Public limited company registration, Section 8 and 25 company registration, One person company (OPC) registration, Limited liability partnership (LLP) registration in …


Transfer of certain pending proceedings

All issues, proceedings or cases pending before the board of company law administration formed under sub-section (1) of section 10E of act 1956 instantly. Before such date is assigned to the tribunal. Any person offended by any order or decision of the company law board create before such date may …


Do you wish to consolidate accounts of subsidiaries/associates/joint ventures ?

1.The 2013 act as applicable to the preparation, audit and adoption of the financial statement of a holding company. 2. Where a company has one or more subsidiaries, the financial statements of the parent company, prepare a consolidated financial statement of the parent company and of all subsidiaries. 3. The …