Transfer of certain pending proceedings

All issues, proceedings or cases pending before the board of company law administration formed under sub-section (1) of section 10E of act 1956 instantly. Before such date is assigned to the tribunal.

Any person offended by any order or decision of the company law board create before such date may register an request to the court within 60 days from the date of communication of the order or decision of the company law board to him on any question of law becoming out of such condition.

The high court may if it is pleased that the appellant was checked by comfortable reason of registering an appeal within the said period, allow it to be registered within a next time is not exceeding 60 days. The tribunal may start to deal with such proceedings from the stage before their transfer.

Any appeal mentioned to the Appellate Authority for Financial and Industrial Reconstruction or any source made or pending inquiry or before the board of industrial and financial reconstruction or any issuing of whatever nature pending or the board for industrial and financial reconstruction under the sick industrial companies act 1985 instantly before the starting of this act shall stand decreased.

A company in favour which such reference or appeal or inquiry sets under this section may create a source to the board under this act within 180 days from the beginning of this act in accordance with the conditions of this act for involving company registration activities.

Mentioned that payable fees for creating such notes under this act by a company whose reference or appeal or inquiry stands declined under this section.

The government may create regulations compatible with the conditions of this act to make timely transfer of all proceedings, cases, matters pending before the company law board or the court to the board under this clause.

Establishment of special courts

The government may for the reason of giving speedy trial of crimes under this act by declaration, designate or start as many special courts as may be required.

A special court shall contain of a single judge who shall be decided by the government with the agreement of the chief justice of the high court within whose authority the judge to be decided is working.

A person shall not be authorized for appointment as a judge of a special court unless he is, instantly before such meeting, holding office of an additional session’s judge or session’s judge.

Vacancy in tribunal

No proceeding or act of the board of the appellate tribunal shall be invalid only on the ground of the existing of any defect or any vacancy in the formation of the board or the appellate tribunal.

Rights to legal representation

A person to any appeal or proceeding before the appellate tribunal or the tribunal, as the case may be, may either perform in authorize or in person one or more company secretaries or legal practitioner to give the case before the board or the appellate tribunal or the tribunal.

Power to seek assistance of chief metropolitan magistrate, etc

The board may in any issuing relating to a bad company or winding up of any other company, in form to take into control or under its custody all property, other documents or books of account, in writing, the chief judicial magistrate, chief metropolitan magistrate within whose jurisdiction any such property or other company .

Take control of such books of account, property or other documents

The same reason to be assigned to the board or other documents

For the reason of securing acceptance with the conditions of sub-section (1), the chief judicial magistrate, the chief metropolitan magistrate or the district collector may cause or take to be taken such uses may located in Coimbatore.

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