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How can we obtain a company registration certificate?

In the early decade, the company registration process in India took a lot of time consumption. But according to the changes in the modern world, it has become much simpler. It means the entire documentation and procedures are turned into online series. Now every registration is simply known as company …


List of different Business registration entities

If you wanted to step into the trade market all you need is to do is register your firm with the top list of legal consultants. There are lots of varieties in the forms of business. All are different in their structure and functionalities.  The business can be OPC, Private …

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Transmission of shares

Section 72 of the Act 2013 states the board resolution company registration transmission of shares. The company receives a form from the person who is behalf of the deceased person. It is regarding the share with the death certificate of the partner. Moreover, This form is placed before the meeting. …


Contract or related party agreement

Contract or related party agreement A company shall enter into arrangement or contract with a related party subject to the following conditions, namely:- The agenda of the meeting board at which resolution is proposed to be proposed to be moved shall be disclose. a, the related party name and the …