How can we obtain a company registration certificate?


In the early decade, the company registration process in India took a lot of time consumption. But according to the changes in the modern world, it has become much simpler. It means the entire documentation and procedures are turned into online series. Now every registration is simply known as company registration online. The technology changes, according to that the paper works also turned into online segmentation. All the companies are registered under the MCA Website. MCA allows certain guidelines to get the company registration certificate for a business magnets.

MCA helps to get all the benefits to investors and stakeholders.  This blog is really helpful for a newbie to get the overall view of company registration certificate. At the early stages of years people are run around corporate offices to get the registration certificate, but now it all changed. You can get the certificate legally via online process within limited count of days. We can register the company from anywhere in India by applying with MCA. Forget about the ramb walk-in between Govt. office and your company. Everything consider as in electronic mode.

Types of companies

Mainly, there are 6 types of companies and each one is different in India based on the requirements and procedures.

  1.     Private Limited Company
  2.     Public limited company
  3.     LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
  4.     OPC Registration (One person company)
  5.     Sole Proprietorship
  6.     Partnership firm

Discrepancy in-between Private and Public companies

The private limited company basically prefer 2 board members as minimum count but there are 7 minimum members in a public company.

The private company require maximum of 200 members and a public one does not have any limitations.

In a private sector there are some conditions when we transfer the shares but according to the public company there are no such types of restrictions. We can simply transfer at any cost of shares.

The private company can start the business after the incorporation, but the private company has to wait until it gets the incorporation certificate.

There is no compulsory to conduct a legal meeting for private business but for a public business it is mandatory.

Company Registration process

Company Registration certificate, the world class tool for your company

To get the company registration certificate, there are 4 steps.

  • Get the digital signature certificate
  • Attain the DIN (Director Identification number)
  • Get the new user registration
  • Company Incorporation

If you are having a business and you do not want any legal conflicts then you must register with MCA. It is mandatory to attain the registration certificate. Following are the main steps that you want to follow to get the success soon.

Attain the DIN (Director Identification number)

Attaining the Director Identification number is the first step to get the registration. Every director in a company have to get the identification number as per the Companies Act, 2006.

Sign up into the MCA website. Download the form and fill the details then again upload it into the website.

Pay the applicable fees

After getting the DIN inform it into the company

After getting the information from the director the company again contact with the Registrar of Companies. (ROC).

If there any changes in the DIN details then the director have to amend those forms of data by applying a different form of applications.

Get the digital signature certificate

Company Registration certificate, the world class tool for your company

The quick submission of all the documents in electronically may happen only after the punching of DSC on all the documents. This is mainly based on the information Act 2000. If you are having an existing DSC then you can go ahead with that. But the condition is you have to check whether it is valid or not. Because most of the company registration consultants are providing DSC for up to 2 year validity.

New user registration on the MCA

Create a new account on the MCA website. It is useful for online transactions and payment process. Through registration you will get the power as a registered business user. There is no payment for the registrations.

Request for a company registration certificate

This is termed as the final step for adding all the confidential details like company name, company address, manager and secretary. If there any share details it also adding in this stage of registration.

Form -1A is mainly for changing or check the availability of the business name.

Form -1: this form is mainly for the declaration of the company registration, the details of the Form -1A and Form -1 should match with each other.

Form -18: it is mainly for changing the existing address of the company and the details that you are providing should be confidential.

Form- 32: this form is mainly for appointing new directors, secretaries and managers.

After submitting all the documents the MCA review and again send a verification mail. We can approve the notifications if all the information that we are provided was correct.


 There are only four steps are remaining once you select the type of business that you want. Get the DIN, attain the DSC, register for a new account and finally submit all the documents.

Get register your company with Solubilis, we assist you in all the circumstances. Our expert’s team hands hold to get the better experience to each client. We also offer company registration, Pvt Ltd company registration, Public company registration, OPC registration and LLP registration.

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