The company agrees to submit to the stock exchange, within conclusion of 48 hours of its General meeting regarding the details and informations of the voting results in the following format:

The issuer agrees to gives shareholders e-voting facility, in respects of all resolutions of shareholders to be passed at general Meetings or through the postal ballot. Such e-voting facility can be kept open for such specified period under the companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014 for for shareholders to send their dissent or assent.

The issuer shall continue to those shareholders to enable, who wont have to access to e-voting facility to sent their dissent or assent on postal ballot in writing as per the companies provisions (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014 or made thereto amendments.

Issuer shall use any one of the agencies services that provides platform for e-voting in their shareholders notice.

The issuers accepts that all the benefit schemes of employee involving the company securities with SE-BI (Employee Stock Option Schemes and Employee Stock Purchase Schemes ) Guidelines, 1999 and any other guidelines, regulations etc., in this regard framed by SE-BI.

The issuer agrees further that the benefits schemes of employees framed already and by the company implemented involving dealing in the company securities before this clause insertion shall be aligned with and made conformed to SE-BI (Employee Stock Option Schemes and Employee stock purchase schemes) Guidelines 1999 by June 30, 2014.

Apart from complying with all the above specific requirements the Company will keep the informed exchange of events  such as lock-outs, strikes closure on account of power cuts etc., both the event occurrence time and subsequently after the event cessation in-order to enable the shareholders and the public to appraise the company position and to establishment of securities false market. In addition, the company will furnish on request to the exchange such information  the company concerned as the Exchange  may require reasonably. The Company will also immediately inform all the events exchange, which will have on the performance bearing/company operations as well as the sensitive price information. The events material may be events such as

  1. Change in the general character or business nature.
  2. Without prejudice to the clause generality 29 of the Listing Agreement, the Company will promptly notify the Exchange of any material change in the general character or its business nature where such change is brought about by the Company entering into or proposing to enter for technical into any arrangement, manufacturing financial tie-up or marketing or of the Company by reason, disposing of or selling or agreeing to sell or any unit disposal or division or by the Company, enlarging, restricting or closing any unit operations or proposal enlarge or division, restrict or close the operations of any unit or division or otherwise.
  3. Operations Disruptions due to natural calamity.
  4. The company will soon after any natural calamity occurrence like earthquake, flood or operation fire disruptive of any one or more units of the company keep the informed exchange on the damage details caused to the units thereby and whether the loss/damage has been covered by insurance or without delay furnish to the exchange an estimate  production loss or revenue or raising productions therefrom , and the steps taken to normalcy restore, in order to enable security holders and to appraise the position of the issue to the public and to avoid the false market establishment in its securities.
  5. Commercial Production Commencement/commercial operations.
  6. The company will notify promptly the commercial commencement exchange/ production or the commercial operations  commencement of any unit/division where revenue from the unit/division of production for a full year or estimated operations it should not be less than ten percent of the company revenues for the year.
  7. Development with respect to realization/pricing arising out of the regulatory frame work change.
  8. The company will promptly inform the Development exchange with respect to pricing of or in realization on its services or goods (which are subject to distribution control or price/ government restriction or other statutory authorities, whether by quota way, return fixed rate, or otherwise) arising out of modification or change in Government or other authorities policies that were provided the change can be reasonable to have material impact on the present be expected or operations in the future or its profitability.
  9. Litigation/dispute with a impact on material.
  10. The company will promptly inform after the event the developments exchange with respect to any dispute in proceedings conciliation, assessment, litigation, arbitration or adjudication to which it is a party or the outcome of which can be expected reasonably to have its present material impact or operations of the future or its financials or its profitability.
  11. Ratings revision
  12. The company will notify the exchange promptly, any ratings details or revision in assigned rating to any debt or company instrument equity or to any fixed deposit programme or to company proposal or any scheme involving funds mobilization whether in India or the rating provided abroad so assigned has to be quoted referred to, relied upon, reported or otherwise used by or on the company behalf.
  13. Any other information having bearing on the operation/company performance as well as sensitive information on the price that includes but not restricted to;
  14. Issue of any securities class.
  15. Acquisition, de-merger, merger, amalgamation, restructuring, arrangement scheme, spin off or division selling company, etc.,
  16. Change in lot of company market’s shares, equity shares of sub-division of company.
  17. Voluntary by the company delisting from the stock exchange(s).
  18. Shares Forfeiture.
  19. Any action that will be result in alteration in, regarding the redemption terms/cancellation/whole retirement or in any securities part by the company issued.
  20. Information regarding opening, status of ADR closing, GDR, or any other securities class to be issued abroad.
  21. Dividend cancellation/bonus/rights, etc., The above information should be made public as soon as possible.
  22. The above information should be made public as soon as possible.
  23. The company agrees to permit the Exchange to make immediately available to its members and to any information to the press supplied by the company in compliance with any of the provided listing requirements that in the cases where it is contended that such disclosure might be Company’s interest detrimental a special submission to that effect may be made for the Exchange consideration the information when furnishing.
  24. Listing Fees Payment:
  25. The company agrees as soon as its securities are listed on the Exchange it will pay to the Stock Exchange on initial listing fee prescribed in Schedule II hereto annexed and made thereof a part and that thereafter, so long as the securities continue on the Stock Exchange to be listed, it will pay to the Exchange on or the 30th April before, an Annual listing Fee in each year computed on the Company capital basis as on the 31st March and workout as provided in annexed Schedule II hereto. The company also agrees that it shall pay the Annual listing fee additional at the time of making application for securities listing of issues further arising out, as is computed in terms of Schedule II annexed hereto in the capital for any addition after 31st March.
  26. Annual Custodian fees Payment to Depositories.
  27. The issuer agrees to pay Annual Custodian Fees depositories at such rates as specified by the SEBI form time to time. The issuer agrees to pay the fees that failure will attract such penal action by SEBI as it may deem fit.
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