LLP company registration in Coimbatore

The relation between partners in an LLP

In this blog at first we are going to talk about the Relationships and eligibility criteria to become a partner. The persons who applied to be as a partner in the LLP document or any other persons who is willing to become the partner according to the LLP agreement can …

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OPC Registration techniques in a simple method

The new concept emerged in the Companies Act, 2013 about the OPC Registration. Let us discuss the Private and Public company. The Private Company has a minimum of 2 Directors and members wherein Public company there exist 3 Directors and a minimum of 7 members. A Single person can’t able …

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Growth of company registration procedures |solubilis

Transmission of shares

Section 72 of the Act 2013 states the board resolution company registration transmission of shares. The company receives a form from the person who is behalf of the deceased person. It is regarding the share with the death certificate of the partner. Moreover, This form is placed before the meeting. …

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Company Registration

Company registration draft agreement for the sale of continuous yearly wise rent charges charged on freeholders

The draft format is mentioned in the below format Here we are going to look at the Company registration draft agreement and its important strategies in a simplified format. An agreement made on __ of ___, 2017, in between Mr./Ms_______ resident of ____ and XYZ, TYH company limited having a …

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