Matters regarding appointment of directors

The board of directors is entrusted with the management and direction of the company to carry out its objects as contained in its memorandum and on the basis of the provisions in the act and in the articles of association. No company can function without a validly constituted board at …

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Annex an explanatory statement for a resolution ?

An explanatory statement is required to be annexed to every notice calling a general meeting other than the annual general meeting, in respect of every resolution being a special business to be transacted thereat. In the case of all the businesses if they are to be transacted at an annual …

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Pay additional fees on delayed filing of documents with ROC

Documents required to be submitted, recorded, registered or any fact or information authorized or required to be registered under the act 2013. It shall be filed or submitted with in the time mentioned in the relevant provisions with ROC. These may be filed after the expiry of the specified time, …

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Conversion from unlisted public company into LLP

The conversion from unlisted public company into limited liability partnership (LLP) have the following steps: In conversion of unlisted public company into LLP a “Company” indicates an unlisted public company and “Convert” means in association to a company converting into a limited liability partnership (LLP). The “listed company” represent that …

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