company registration in coimbatore

Maintenance of accounts and preparation of annual accounts

The books of account shall contain : Particulars of money received and spent and the matters relating thereto. Liabilities of the LLP and record of the assets . Preparation of Annual Accounts Every LLP shall prepare a statement of account and solvency as on the last day of every financial …

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Payment of dividend by companies

In a going concern the aggregate amount of dividend represents a portion of the next profits which the board of directors proposes to distribute to the shareholders as dividend. Fixed dividend on preference shares When a public limited company has issued equity and preference shares and where the company proposes …

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Matters regarding appointment of directors

The board of directors is entrusted with the management and direction of the company to carry out its objects as contained in its memorandum and on the basis of the provisions in the act and in the articles of association. No company can function without a validly constituted board at …

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Annex an explanatory statement for a resolution ?

An explanatory statement is required to be annexed to every notice calling a general meeting other than the annual general meeting, in respect of every resolution being a special business to be transacted thereat. In the case of all the businesses if they are to be transacted at an annual …

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