Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting


Every company or a One Person Company in each year they can detain in addition to any other company meetings. The company general meeting  and their annual general meeting describe in the notices of the meeting. It is not more than 15 months. It shall proceed between the date of a company and their annual general meeting.

But, the first annual general meeting of a company held within a period of 9 months from the date of closing of the company of the first financial year and also from the date of closing of the financial year  period within 6 months.

The first annual general meeting is holds a company as its same. It shall not be required to hold any annual general meeting for the company in the year of its registration.

For any special reason,the registrar may increase the time within which any annual general meeting other than the first annual general meeting. It shall not be exceeding more than 3 months.

Every annual general meeting is arranged in their company business hours. Its between 9am to 6pm on any day and it is not a National Holiday. It shall be placed either at the company registration office or at some other place within the city or village or town in which the registration office is located.

Annual General Meeting

The central government may excluded any company from the allocation of this sub-section subject to such conditions as it may impose.

The purpose of this sub-section “National Holiday” proceeds and covers a day announced as National Holiday by the government. Every company other than One Person Company in addition to any other meeting shall hold a general meeting as its annual general meeting. There should not be a gap of more than 15 months between two annual general meetings.

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Annual General Meeting
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