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Any notice, procedure or other documents need to be served on a foreign company. It shall be considered to be served sufficiently. If addressed to any person whose name and address have been provided to the registrar under section 380. Service of documents or notice on foreign company done through electronic mode.

Debentures annual return, registration of charges, books of account and their inspection

The condition of section 71 shall give mutatis mutandis to a foreign company. The condition of section 92 shall, substance to such cases, adaptations and modifications as may be made therein by rules made under this act, register to a foreign company as they request to a company registration in Coimbatore.

Annual return:

All foreign company shall arrange and file within 60 days from the last day of its financial year, to the registrar annual return in Form FC.4 on with such fees as produced in the company registration offices and fees rules 2014.

The stipulation of section 128 shall request to a foreign company to the range of needing to keep at its main place of business in Coimbatore. The books of account mentioned to in that clause with regard to monies spent and received, assets and liabilities, sales and purchases made in the course of or in association to its business in Coimbatore.

The conditions of chapter 4 shall register mutatis mutandis to charges on properties which are acquired or created by any foreign company.

The annual return shall be registered within sixty days from the last day of its financial year in Form FC-4 as mentioned in the company registration offices and fees rules 2014.

In form FC-4, the below changes have been made in differentiation to the companies act 1956:

The items which are not need now:

  • The particulars of share capital in terms of allocated to cash, consideration or discount other than cash. It shall not be given separately.
  • The particulars in respect of number of calls made on shares, amount get on application, forfeiture, etc.
  • The particulars in respect of commission paid on allocation of shares or debentures.
  • Particulars in respect of share warrant
  • Name of debenture holders and shareholders.

Some more details are required now:

  • Details of promoters
  • A company registration is mandatory for every startups
  • Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) details
  • Other places of business in Coimbatore
  • Listing status
  • Details of punishment, penalty and compounding of offences.
  • Shareholding pattern
  • Principal activities of the company turnover 20% or more

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