Management and administration under company registration


Where it performs to the board, whether on a source made to it by the government in association with any inspection under section 247, or on an objection made by any person in this behalf which there is a quality aims to find out the suitable facts about any shares. The board is of the choice that such points cannot be found out unless the conditions mentioned in sub-section (2) are charged, the board may by order, exact which the shares shall be subject to the limits imposed by sub-section (2) for such term is not exceeding three years may specified in the order.

So long as any shares are managed to be subject to the conditions fixed by this sub-section. The company registration must have management activities.

Any transfer of those shares shall be invalid.

Where those shares are to be provided, they shall not be provided, and any matter thereof or any transfer of the right to be provided.

No voting right shall be workable in favour of those shares.

Moreover, no shares shall be provided in right of those shares or in performance of any offer made to the owner thereof, any matter of such shares or any transfer of the right to be provided therewith shall be invalid registration.

Except in a termination, no amount shall be made of any sums unpaid from the company on those shares.

The company shares are transfer in a place where a change in the registration of the company board directors are likely to take place. The board is of the belief that any such change would be harmful to the public interest may exact that:

The voting rights in favour of those shares shall not be used for such term is not exceeding three years as may described in the order:

No statements passed or action taken to execution of a modification in the registration board of directors, before the order date shall have change unless proved by the board.

 Where the board has suitable ground to maintain that a transfer of shares in a company is suitably to take place whereby a modification in the registration of the board of company directors is probably to take place. The board is of the chance that any modification would be harmful to the public interest.

The board may by request at any time, rescind or vary any order made by it under sub-section 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Any request made by the board under sub-section (5) shall be performed on the company within 14 days of the creating order.

Any person who:

Purports or exercises any right to order of any shares or of any right to be provided with any shares when to his practice he is not authorized to do so by cause of any of the said limitation is relevant to the case under sub-section (2).

In favour of votes of any shares whether as proxy or holder or appoints a proxy to vote in respect thereof, when to his skill, he is not authorized to do so by cause of any of the same regulations relevant to the case under sub-section (2).

Transfers any shares in infringement of any order made under sub-section (4).

Being the owner of any shares in favour of which an order under sub-section (2) and (3) has been made defaults to provide notice of the detail of their being subject to any such order to any person does not understand to be aware of that reality, but whom he identifies to be authorized to vote in favour of those shares.

Where any company shares are provided in registration of such of the regulations as may be relevant to the case under sub-section (2).

An action shall not be started under this section except by, or with the permission of the government.

Voluntary winding up of company, etc., not to stop investigation proceedings

An consideration may be commenced under section 235 however which has

An application has been made for a regulation under section 397 or 398.

The company has proceed a special declaration for elective winding up, no consideration as established shall be suspended or stopped by cause only of the fact which an application mentioned in clause (a) has been made or a special declaration mentioned to in clause (b).

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