Company registration outside India


For the reason of foregoing conditions of this section:

  • The statement “certified” process certified in the recommend manner to be a correct translation or a true copy.


A copy of any statutes, authority, MOA or other instrument creating or mentioning the constitution of a foreign company shall be properly certified to be an original copy in the procedure stated below:

If the company registration takes place within a nation outside the commonwealth:

  • The same copy shall be verified as a true copy.
    • An authorized of the government to whose protection of the original is located.
    • a notary (public) of such country
    • an company officer
  • The seal or the signature of the official mentioned in sub-section (i) of clause (a) or the notary certificate mentioned in sub-clause (ii) of clause (a). It shall be confirmed by a consular officer or diplomatic authorized in behalf under section 3 of the diplomatic and consular officers act 1948.
  • The company certificate officer mentioned in sub-section (iii) of clause(a) shall be validated and authorized in behalf under section 3 of the diplomatic and consular officers act 1948.

Company registration outside India

If the company registration in any section of the commonwealth, the document copy shall be verified as an original copy by:

An authorized of the government to whose control the authentic of the document is performed.

A notary (public) in which section of the commonwealth

A company officer on oath before a person having jurisdiction to manage an oath in which section of the commonwealth.

Any modified document transferred to the registrar should also be suitably verified in the procedure specified above.

If the company registration within a country occurring outside the commonwealth in 1961.

The document copy shall be verified as original copy by an authorized of the government to whose control the primary is effected and be properly apostillised in confirmed with Hague Convention.

The director’s record and the company secretary, if any, the address and name of persons living in Coimbatore, verified to accept notice on behalf of the company shall be correctly certified and be apostillised in the nation of their birth place in conformity with Hague Convention.

The address and signatures on the MOA and proof of name, where necessary of foreign nationals requesting to register a company in Coimbatore shall be certified before the official of the country of their source and be properly apostillised in conformity with the said Hague Convention.

Authentication of translated documents:

  1. The total documents need to be registered with the official and the English language must be placed by the foreign companies. If any document is not contained in English language must be properly verified.
  2. Where any such translation is created outside Coimbatore, it shall be verified by the seal and signature, if any of:

The authorize having control of the original

A notary (public) of the country where the company registration takes place in Coimbatore.

The company registration with in a nation outside the commonwealth, the respective persons seal or signature is verified by a consular officer or diplomatic (oaths and fees) act 1948.

                 3. Where such transformation is made in Coimbatore, it shall be verified by:

An attorney, advocate or pleader qualified to show before any high court.

A legal document, of a suitable person having, in the idea of the registrar, an appropriate skills of the language in English and of the original.

The statement “director” in connection to a foreign company, contains any person in conformity with whose instructions or directions and the company board of the directors are accustomed to act.

The statement “place of business” contains a company registration office or transfer shares.

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