Companies to furnish information or statistics – Company Registration

The central government may need normally companies or any class of companies or any company to enhance such detail or statistics with regard to their or its formation or working and it may be mentioned in the list.

Under sub-section (1) every order shall be noticed in the official gazette and normally it is addressed to companies or to any class of companies. The central government may expect that and the date of such publication shall be considered to be the date on which is need for statistics or information is made on such company registration may registered in ROC.

For the reason of satisfying itself that any statistics or information enhanced by a company or companies in pursuance of any order under sub-section (1) is right and complete. The government may by order need such company or companies to provide such records or documents in its `charge or permit inspection thereof by such officer or enhance such further information as considered the government.

If any company is default to follow with an order made under sub-section (1) or (3) or deliberately provides any statistics or information which is incomplete or incorrect in any material regards, which the company is punishable with a fine of Rs.25, 000.

Where a foreign company brings business in India, all credits to a company in this section shall be considered to contain sources to the foreign company in connection and only in association with such business. The company registration activities may be helped their respective consultants with their places.

Legislative clause

The section 615 of the companies act 1956 and requests to provide that the government may require any company to provide such statistics or information with consider to its working or constitution within defined time. It is issued in official gazette. This section also provide that the central government for the benefit of satisfying itself may rule such company or companies or provide such documents or records or permit inspection thereof or provide such information as that government may require. This section also required to provide that where a foreign company carries on business in Coimbatore.

Comparative analysis

In case a company defaults to follow with any order under this clause or furnishes incorrect or statistics or incomplete information, than the punishment with a fine of 25000 rupees.

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