Company Registration

Company registration draft agreement for the sale of continuous yearly wise rent charges charged on freeholders

The draft format is mentioned in the below format Here we are going to look at the Company registration draft agreement and its important strategies in a simplified format. An agreement made on __ of ___, 2017, in between Mr./Ms_______ resident of ____ and XYZ, TYH company limited having a …

private limited company

Private limited company incorporation with preference shares

The private limited company incorporation includes preference shares. Those preference shares have the voting right regarding the provision of section 47 of the 2013 Act. Identically, These voting right allowing the preference shares to incorporate with the company.  Similarly, If the preference shares are issuing by the meant company then …

Company Registration

Growth of Company

The growth or development of the company registration depends on how many clients approaches for registration. The company growth depends on the following factors: 1) Category of the company 2) Name Availability 3) Article and Memorandum creation 4) Inspection, checking and signing of article, memorandum. 5) Power of Attorney 6) …


Remuneration, filing of return of appointment.

REMUNERATION, FILING OF RETURN OF APPOINTMENT. A company shall file a return of appointment of managing director, whole time manager or director, Chief executive officer (CEO) secretary of the company and chief financial officer (CEO) within the sixty days appointment with the registrar in Form No. MR 1. as may …