Certain special notes on capital issues

Company Registration

General conditions and Secrets to be met before issue. Before go ahead with the issues, the company should meet the general conditions. The conditions include that there is no public issue of securities raised by issuer.

If any of the promoter, issuer, group of promoter denied to access the shares market by SEBI. The debt instrument may get generated by the State bank of India for a period of more than six months.

The listing of securities can be made by an application for one or more stock exchanges and chose any from the list as designated stock exchange.

The issuer makes some securities in case of an IPO in at least one stock exchange having the trading terminal in national wide.

The issuer arranges the documents with a depository for specified documents.

If the promoter, director or anyone who was or possess as the above positions of any other company cannot able to access the share capital by the SEBI.

Eligibility Criteria in Secrets

The issuer company publish that the company is eligible to registration and issue the securities. The company must have at least three crore rupees in each of the three year then only he is eligible in the SEBI Regulation, 2009 for an IPO.

The limits on fifty percent on monetary assets shall not applicable in case the public offer is made entirely though an offer for sale.

The company has a minimum of pretax operating amount is five crores and it is calculated on a restated basis during the three most profitable years.

In each of the three financial years the company holds the net worth of one crore rupees in Secrets .

Financial year requirement

All the proposed issues and the aggregate issues are made in the same financial year in terms of size does not exceed five times.

If in certain cases the company Secrets changes its name to the new one then the revenue may get higher based on the previous names.

If the issuer company does not satisfy the above conditions it may still make an IPO if the issue is made through the book building process.

The issuer of the company should not make an allotment of securities unless the prospective investors are at least 1000 in number.

Further Issues

Secrets about company share capital issue | Solubilis

The issuer may make further public offer if it satisfies the conditions as specified below. All the pre issues and the proposed issues Secrets without considering the issue size in the same financial year does not exceed the five times. The audited balance and the pre-issue net worth should be same as described in the preceding financial year.


The company board or the director board should consider the proposed projects as the capital requirement of the company.

The necessary Secrets resolutions may pass for the purpose of summoning the general meeting of the shareholder.

The ordinary resolution for the purpose of increase in authorized capital under the section 61 of the companies Act, 2013.

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