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When you come with the new types of Formation ideas, there are certain terms and conditions before applying for the registration scenes. In this blog we are going to discuss with those steps. There are some official terms of registration for a start-ups or company.

The registration involves forma6tion of DSC, Director Identification number and filing an E-form.

The major steps of Formation

  1. Getting DSC (Digital signature certificate)
  2. Obtaining the Director Identification number
  3. Filling up the new user registration or e-form
  4. Register the company

The registration is mandatory to run a business without any legal enquiries and actions. While registering we will get the separate legal rights to run over the world. India is the biggest platform to get the growth. All you need to do is start. Start the business with legal services. Claim your business legally and get approval to start over.

Let us start with the first.

What is a company?

The company is the combination of shareholders or the members. It is evolved under the companies act, 1956. The company structure is different. Initially we wanted to choose the best and approximate structure. Neither it will affect the tax filing.

Public and private limited company

In India, there are 7 lacks of registered companies and every month thousands of start-ups and business are coming for Formation . Each company have to register the business by the registrar of companies for the state under the ministry of corporate affairs. There are two types of companies called private and public. Each registered company have to add the suffix as limited. Before getting into the registration all you need to know about the registration process and how those get differed.

Register your company Online

Register your company online first. Make the registration and appropriate consulting team will reach you with queries.

The main difference between private and Public companies are

The minimum numbers of board members are two for the private company and seven for the public company.

The maximum numbers are classified as 50 members for private and unlimited for a public company.

The private limited company can start the business after it gets incorporated but in case of the public limited we can’t start the business until we gets the commencement certificate of the business.

The private company can’t able to shares its private company shares and account details with the public. But in case of the public company they issue a prospectus to buy its shares.

The directors of the Formation private company are two and the public having 3 directors.

Company registration procedures

  1. Acquire the Director identification Number (DIN)
  1. This is the initial steps for the registration. Each director of the company has to obtain the DIN. Getting the DIN is must for every director. We can get the DIN according to the amendment act, 2006. To acquire the DIN we have to file the application with e-form DIN 1.
  2. Initially, register your details with the MCA Website and get the Login ID. After the filing of form DIN 1 you can upload and make the payment.
  3. After the Formation you can intimate the company DIN by using DIN-2 form.
  4. The company must intimate with the Registrar of companies about the DIN of all the directors via DIN-3.
  5. If there any changes in the DIN you need to obtain the DIN-4 form by changing the address, name or any personal details.

Acquire Digital signature certificate

Formation of a new company in India easily | Solubilis

In order to get the authenticity of the documents electronically the information act 2000 demands the valid DS on the documents. This is the safest way to submit their documents electronically. The DSC is approved by certain types of agencies who are appointed by the controller of certification agencies (CCA). We can’t use the DSC of any illegal agency which is not getting approval.

If you are having any DSC then there is no need to apply for the new one. But after its get expire you have to renew it. The agencies normally provide DSC with one or two year validity after the Formation .

The agencies who are providing the DSC are TCS, IDBRT, MTNL, etc.

Create an account on the MCA Portal – the new user registration

This is mainly for the registered account on MCA portal to file the e-form for online payment as the registered one. Creating an account in the MCA portal is totally cost free. For Formation click on the registration link.

This is the final steps for your company registration. These steps include registering the company name, registering the office address, forming the appointment of the company directors and managers.

Form 1

The form 1A is the application form to change the company name or check the availability of name. The MCA normally gives 4 different forms of names and you can choose among them. You can register your form 1A and submit to make the process

Form 1

Here in this application for the registration you can file the same name that you already with the Form 1A.

Form 18

Formation of a new company in India easily | Solubilis

This form is mainly for the change of address of the office or the situation of a new company. For the new company registration you have to fill the documents with exact office address and submit.

Form 32

Form 32 is mainly for the new appointment of directors, managers and secretary. In case of the already formed company this forms mainly to change the directors and managers.

What are the procedures for approval of the proposed company name?

  • To get the company name you have to register an application in Form 1A with the registrar of companies of the current states. The filing fee of Rs.500/- also have to pay with the ROC. after that you can perform the Formation process.
  • You have to apply 4 company names as alternatives. The company name you are providing should not be equal to the names of already existing company.
  • Here you have to file the company director’s name and address. You have to mention the main objects of the company and its authorized capital.

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